NFL insider names surprise San Francisco 49ers star who could be traded in 2024

The 49ers have been able to construct one of the best rosters in the NFL with numerous All-Pro talents on both sides of the ball in large part, credits to quarterback Brock Purdy’s rookie contract. However, looming contract extensions could potentially force one 49ers superstar out of the team.

San Francisco is in a difficult spot long-term from a salary cap perspective. While general manager John Lynch doesn’t have many key impending free agents to sign this offseason, the 49ers face a litany of impact players on both sides of the ball poised to hit the open market in 2025.

That’s especially problematic for a team projected to have just $25.55 million of cap space in 2025. The figure doesn’t even account for potential contract extensions and salary increases for contract-year players like Brandon Aiyuk, Deommodore Lenoir and Talanoa Hufanga.

With an eventual long-term deal also looming for Purdy, San Francisco might have to make a difficult decision this year.

Amid NFL trade rumors surrounding Aiyuk, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer also mentioned All-Pro offensive weapon Deebo Samuel as a player who could potentially get dealt this offseason.

If Samuel were traded, it would allow San Francisco to extend Aiyuk and make him the go-to receiver in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

While Samuel has proven to be integral to the team’s success and his absences have resulted in a statistical decline for Purdy, Samuel has dealt with a myriad of injury issues in the past and he’s less of a natural No. 1 receiver than Aiyuk.

Samuel has also popped up in NFL trade rumors in the past, although, that happened in 2022 when he wasn’t signed to a long-term deal and San Francisco and he had requested a trade out of San Francisco.

Ultimately, the 49ers’ front office will have to make some difficult roster decisions in the years to come and the possibility remains one of their best offensive weapons will not be on the roster when the 2024 NFL season kicks off.



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