Kyle Shanahan Has No Regrets About His Super Bowl Performance

It doesn’t seem Kyle Shanahan would want to change any of his actions in the 49ers’ Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs.

One can have a lot of regrets after losing the Super Bowl the way the San Francisco 49ers did. Brock Purdy in particular wished he had some throws back and performed better on certain plays.

It’s only natural to feel regrets knowing a win was within hand in the biggest game. Unless, you’re head coach Kyle Shanahan.

It doesn’t appear that he has any play calls or adjustments he could’ve done differently. Shanahan continues to stand on his performance from the Super Bowl with no regrets.

“Anytime you lose, every decision you made, I mean you make a decision every play throughout that game,” said Shanahan.

“So when you lose, you’ll go over that stuff always throughout the entire offseason, through cutups, through everything. But there was nothing that I thought in the moment that I did wrong. It was everything I was proud of that and I like the thought process behind everything.”

Accountability and regret isn’t something that is in Shanahan. Even last year in the NFC championship, Shanahan didn’t regret the play call that got Purdy injured and would inevitably cost the 49ers the game.

Shanahan just doesn’t have it in him to be accountable. At least, not publicly he isn’t.

Regardless of it, it’s clear that there are a handful of instances from that Super Bowl that he would like to have back. I think the most glaring of decisions that Shanahan would change is kicking the field goal in overtime.

This isn’t something I believe is in hindsight. At the moment, it seemed that going for it on fourth down was the better call to make for the 49ers.

Settling for a field goal after Patrick Mahomes just led the Chiefs down the field methodically was insane. So, that is the one instance throughout the entire game that the 49ers surely would like back.

Accountability doesn’t need to be public from Shanahan so long as he reflects and improves on his own going into the next year.



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