Green Bay Packers Poach San Francisco 49ers Coach After Playoff Loss

The Green Bay Packers had a bitter sweet end to a memorable 2023-24 season. After many gave up on them half way through the season, the Packers went 7-3 over their last 10 games (including playoffs) to clinch a playoff berth, beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round, and fall three points shy of the conference championship against the San Francisco 49ers.

A report has emerged that the Packers have decided to add a 49ers staff member to their team.

According to Matt Schneidman of The Athletic, the Packers are hiring 49ers assistant strength coach Aaron Hill as their new head of strength and conditioning, says a source.

During his five seasons with the 49ers, Hill worked alongside Dustin Perry, the team’s head strength and conditioning coach.

At the 2022 trade deadline, the 49ers traded for injury-plagued running back Christian McCaffrey. A total of three games were played by McCaffrey with Carolina in 2021, and 7 in 2020.

With the 49ers in 2023, he rushed for 1,459 yards, accumulated 2,023 yards, touched 339 times, and scored 21 touchdowns, making him the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year.

It is also worth noting that 49ers All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams has missed nine games in his four years with the team. During the final four years of his Washington career, he missed 15 games because of injuries.

The first name that comes to mind in Green Bay in terms of getting healthy is star wide receiver Christian Watson. Watson has missed a plethora of games over his first two seasons due to lingering hamstring injuries. If #9 can get on the field and stay healthy, this Packers offense is immediately taken to another level.

Hill replaces Chris Gizzi. After LaFleur was named coach in 2019, Gizzi was promoted to lead strength and conditioning coach from his previous position as assistant coach.

“I do want to say Chris Gizzi’s an outstanding strength coach and couldn’t have more respect for him,” general manager Brian Gutekunst said on Feb.1.

“I think sometimes there needs to be a different voice. Certainly, that’s a big part of our process. Those guys have a lot of impact on our players, and certainly our players buying into what we’re doing here is very, very important, as well.”



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