John Lynch Makes His Thoughts Clear About Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy, throughout the playoffs, silenced every doubts about him heading into the 2023 campaign.

Even though he was coming off shoulder surgery, Purdy, once again, proved himself worthy of the San Francisco 49ers’ starting gig.

He led them to the Super Bowl, and, while the team didn’t end up winning the big game, it appears that Purdy’s tenure with the team is only beginning.

John Lynch, the team’s general manager, recently talked about Purdy in a press conference at the Combine.

When referencing Purdy’s 2023 campaign, he said, “It just gives you a lot of confidence going in,” adding, “It gives you a foundation to build off of.”

Lynch is confident in Purdy and seems more than ready to keep building this roster around him.

He might have been drafted in the seventh round as a rookie, but to this point, Purdy has shown that he was worthy of being taken far before that.

The 49ers front office has rallied around him, and it is clear that his teammates fight hard for him every game, wanting to help the young quarterback succeed early in his career.

Since Purdy is still on his inexpensive rookie deal, the 49ers will likely be able to add a few pieces in the offseason, should they so choose.

They could also choose to keep their players in-house, extending them to longer deals, hoping to replicate the success they found in 2023.

Of course, the 49ers are hoping to get revenge and win the Super Bowl next year, rather than just making it to the big game.



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