What Alex Ferguson said about Jurgen Klopp in 2015 shows size of task ahead

As Jurgen Klopp prepares to bid farewell to the Reds, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has recalled the words of former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, which have since turned out to be rather prophetic.

In a recent episode of The Overlap, Carragher reminisced about a memorable interaction he had with Ferguson during a testimonial match shortly after the German had taken over from Brendan Rodgers in 2015.

Recalling the encounter, Carragher said: “Klopp had been announced as Liverpool manager two weeks before and [Ferguson] said to me, ‘You’ve got a manager!’ ”

Ferguson’s endorsement of Klopp was unequivocal.

“It was to do with those UEFA meetings when all the top managers in Europe come together,” Carragher explained.

“He is just being himself – he was only at Borussia Dortmund then.”

Interestingly, Klopp’s name had once been floated as a potential successor to Ferguson at Manchester United.

However, Klopp himself had acknowledged that the timing wasn’t right for such a move, expressing his commitment to Borussia Dortmund at the time.

The former centre-back then shared insights into Klopp’s own take on those UEFA meetings:

“I always remember when Klopp came on Monday Night Football, and I asked him about these meetings. He said he only went twice.

“He said, ‘I just wanted to check if I was as good as them, and I was, so I didn’t need to go again!’ ”

“I thought he was very confident, very comfortable in his own skin.”

Carragher went on to highlight Klopp’s authenticity as his biggest asset, emphasising that what people see on TV is genuinely who Klopp is.

“I’m not sure you can replace him,” he said.

“The big thing about Klopp is, I’ve seen him in private at times, or little meetings, and he is exactly what you see on TV. It’s not an act, it’s him.

“Whoever comes in must be themselves – they can’t be Jurgen Klopp.”

Indeed, whoever Klopp’s replacement will be, Ferguson’s words even then serve as a timely reminder that the Reds have a big task on their hands.



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