‘ABJECT NONSENSE’: Former PGMOL boss angry after hearing what Howard Webb had said about Liverpool incident

Howard Webb seems to have infuriated quite a few people with his assessment of an incident in the game between Liverpool and Manchester City.

The two sides, along with Arsenal, are fighting for the Premier League crown in what is the most exciting title race we have seen in years.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola faced each other for the last time at Anfield earlier this month, and there was a lot of controversy in the game.

One incident, in particular, has sparked outrage because many felt Liverpool deserved a penalty for a foul by Jeremy Doku on Alexis Mac Allister.

Webb, who is now the head of the PGMOL, addressed that issue yesterday, and his comments have not gone down well.

Everybody knows what happened late in the game between Liverpool and Manchester City, but if you’re living under a rock, let us explain.

The Reds were pushing for the winner towards the end of the game. The ball went up in the air between Alexis Mac Allister and Jeremy Doku, and both players decided to go for it.

Doku went in with his foot and caught Mac Allister before making contact with the ball. The referee waved play on and the VAR agreed.

Howard Webb, in his Mic’d Up series on the Premier League’s official website, addressed the issue, and he agreed with the referee and VAR.

He said: “It’s split a lot of opinion, hasn’t it? And I think it’s one of those for sure if the referee gives it on the field, it would have been a ‘Check complete’ by the VAR.

“And equally, having not given it, it’s also ‘Check complete’. You hear Michael Oliver say the ball’s in between two players going together. The ball is too low to head. Doku lifts his foot to play the ball, and he does make contact on the ball.

“And yes, we know there’s some contact on Mac Allister as well. Mac Allister comes into him. Mac Allister is not really playing the ball either. So, I understand why it’s split opinion.”

A number of people associated with Liverpool have been unhappy with the decision, and Howard Webb’s comments made it worse last night.

Keith Hackett, who used to be the boss of PGMOL back in the day, was furious too, as he firmly believes the referee and the VAR made a mistake by not awarding Liverpool a penalty. He had a real go at Webb for not accepting the mistake.

Reacting to Webb’s words, Hackett said in a tweet: “Not a foul Howard? you are joking. Do not defend the indefensible.”

In another tweet, he wrote: “What abject nonsense from Howard Webb who is ignoring Law 12. Careless -Reckless definition.”

Replying to a fan, Hackett said: “The boot is too high and makes contact with Mac Allister. It’s a foul!!! All day every day. Liverpool should have had a penalty kick.”



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