Will San Francisco Trade Up for TE Brock Bowers?

The San Francisco 49ers might take a drastic action in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft.

They’re reported to have made calls around the league to find out what it would take to trade up into the teens of the first round if one of the top players on their draft board falls that far.

It’s unclear which player they would target in the teens, but it’s certainly possible they would target Georgia tight end Brock Bowers.

The 49ers certainly are in the market for a tight end. This offseason, they lost Charlie Woerner, who also played college football at Georgia. Now he’s with the Atlanta Falcons.

To replace him, they tried to sign Detroit Lions tight end Brock Wright to a three-year, $12 million contract, but the Lions matched it. So the 49ers are open to making a significant investment in the position.

Bowers would be a significant investment. He’s the best tight end in the draft by far and he’s been compared to George Kittle. Pairing them for the next year or two would be deadly.

Bowers grew up in Napa, went to Napa High School and led Georgia in receiving yards each of the past two seasons.

He went to a program the 49ers clearly trust and value, and he plays a position the 49ers covet. Their current no. 2 tight end is Eric Saubert, who might get cut, or Cam Latu, who might get cut.

And as long as Brock Purdy is the 49ers’ starting quarterback, it would make sense to give him as many receivers who dominate the middle of the field as they can.



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