What NFL execs have said about Aiyuk’s 49ers future amid rumors

There is still uncertainty about the future of Brandon Aiyuk at San Francisco. A few of the NFL executives have weighed in on how they believe the situation will unfold for the 49ers’ wide receiver.

General managers and other league executives, who all were unnamed, spoke to The Washington Post’s Jason La Canfora and expressed their doubts about the likelihood of both Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel sporting red and gold for the foreseeable future.

“One of them won’t be back there,” one general manager told La Canfora.

Another executive added: “Personally, I’d be shocked if they don’t move one. When you study the model of how they roster build, and structure their contracts, and with the quarterback being up in a year, I don’t think they will pay them both. … And if Deebo was the guy to go, I think he’d already be gone.”

Aiyuk remains under contract through the 2024 NFL season after being drafted by San Francisco in the first round (No. 25 overall) of the 2020 draft.

But San Francisco rewarding Nick Bosa and then Deebo Samuel with large paydays made things tricky for Aiyuk’s next deal, given 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy also is due for what’s expected to be a massive raise in 2025.

Another GM suggested to La Canfora that Aiyuk already would have secured his new 49ers contract by now if it was going to happen, adding Aiyuk is “one to watch” while discussing available receivers around the league.

“I don’t think they’re going to get everything they’ll want for him because of what you’re going to have to pay him,” another exec told La Canfora. “But they have to listen.”

From cryptic social media posts to conflicting reports, the situation hasn’t gotten any clearer for the 49ers Faithful. The waiting game will have to continue, but it won’t be long until a decision is made.



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