NO 49ERS FAITHFUL ALLOWED: SF bar to host Super Bowl watch party for Chiefs fans

A sports bar in San Francisco is only letting Kansas City Chiefs fans come in to watch the Super Bowl on Feb 11.

Buzzworks, located in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood is hosting a Chiefs watch party for the big game.

“I was a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader from 2010 to 2015,” said Chiefs fan Cricket.

Cricket said she found herself on the sidelines of Chiefs games because before she was born, her father passed away.

“The Chiefs actually had an auction to help support my mom pay for the medical bills they auctioned off autographed footballs there were alumni football players there present so like I was born a Chiefs fan,” she said.

With their banners up, Buzzworks has been home for Chiefs fans since they began patronizing around 2015 and filling up the bar.

“Playoffs, it always explodes it’s probably well into the hundreds and the superbowl it’s shoulder to shoulder,” said Chiefs fan Curtis Jaeger.

Buzzworks owner Vlad Cood told NBC Bay Area Thursday why they wanted to make their watch party exclusive to Kansas City fans.

“We wanted to make sure this Super Bowl we have them their fair share,” he said. “Which means that we are not letting in any Niners fans or any fans of any other teams.”

Even though Cood himself cheers for the 49ers, he’s sending the Niner Faithful to Butter, located across the street from his bar.

But of course, for 49ers fans, there are still plenty of other places to watch the big game.

For example, the Kezar Pub in San Francisco is expected to reach capacity. They are recommend fans to get there hours early for a seat as they watch the 49ers to try to win it all in this Super Bowl 2020 rematch.

“Obviously, it’s scary because its Patrick Mahomes and he’s beaten us once he just seems unbeatable but I really think we have what it takes to beat him,” said Ricky Matthews with the Kezar Pub.



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