Former 49ers Player Tells Kay Adams The Super Bowl Was Rigged For The Chiefs

Once again, another conspiracy theory about the NFL being rigged has emerged.

Now it’s former San Francisco 49ers player Donte Whitner stirring the pot.

During an appearance on Kay Adams’ Up & Adams show on Tuesday, Whitner expressed his belief that Super Bowl LVIII was rigged against his former team in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I think that the 49ers played against the refs as well, guys,” Whitner told Adams.

“I think that when we look at that film and you see bear hugs on those defensive ends, right? And you really see it in blatant moments in the game.

“The 49ers played against Taylor Swift, the refs, and the Kansas City Chiefs. All three.”

What, no claims that Ice Spice was being satanic at the game too, Donte?

Donte Whitner is not alone, of course.

Right after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, Will Compton, who played linebacker in the NFL for nine seasons for five teams, said on X (Twitter), “NFL is basically the WWE now,. All scripted. Fixed. They pick who they want to win.

“It’s all for entertainment & honestly I don’t even know why I watch & care so much. It’s all fake.”

Not helping matters, this NFL rigged discourse goes all the way back to Super Bowl III.

Hall of Famer Bubba Smith claimed before his death that his Baltimore Colts were upset by Joe Namath and the New York Jets because the game was fixed.

“If the Jets don’t win that game then they don’t have the NFL the way it is today,” Smith explained. “It was the merger.”

Smith also claimed that Colts quarterback Earl Morrall (who went 13–1 in the regular season and was NFL MVP, then was benched in the game after going 6-17 with 3 interceptions) was in on it.

So is Donte Whitner right? Doubtful, but who really knows at this point?



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